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Q. Why is stamped concrete better than decks and pavers?
. Cost maintenance and number of design choices are the three main reasons. Decks need a lot of care and commonly at a higher cost. In most cases stamped concrete needs little maintenance and are rather unique especially when given the unlimited potential of design choices and colors available.

Pavers also require much more maintenance and offer a higher cost. In our climate pavers have a habit of rising and falling in the frost cycle. This rising and falling leaves a patio or walkway with humps and bumps that need to be reset. Another paver problem is that they often start to grow grass and weeds between the blocks. Lastly you may see fading to the blocks of your paver patio. You won't find any of these three problems with your stamped concrete project.

Q. How much maintenance does my stamped patio need?
Your stamped concrete can be cleaned with mild dish soap and a hose or just sweep off. It is recommended in the western New York climate that you seal your stamped concrete every year to help control damage from salt and corrosion.

Q. Will it crack?
Concrete does crack. Following strict guidelines does reduce or eliminate the chance of this happening. That is why a proper base is placed under your concrete, followed by wire reinforcement, control joints and proper placement techniques.

Q. Will it be slippery?
Caution should always be used on a wet or icy outside surface. Care and the use of an anti-slip sealer in most applications will greatly reduce how slippery the concrete is when it is wet.Q. How will winter affect my stamped concrete?
A. Winter should be no problem for your properly placed stamped concrete. You do not want to use salt, which will damage any concrete surface, kitty litter or sand are good alternatives.

​Colored Concrete

Solid Ground Colored Concrete
With colored concrete, the creative options and color choices are endless, making it possible to achieve the perfect look. Colored concrete can transform a room or patio from plain to spectacular. Also, colored concrete can be used to simulate the look of brick, flagstone, pavers, or tile. Not only is concrete coloring a beautiful design option , but it is also affordable and compatible with both new and existing concrete.

Q My new colored concrete is much darker than your color card. Why is that?
Fresh Concrete is always much darker than when it is fully cured and dry. (Even uncolored concrete). Wait at least 7-10 days until the new concrete has hardened and dried. If the concrete is on a wet sub grade or there's underground water, it may stay dark for as long as it's wet.

Q. Can you guarantee the color will match the color card?
Unfortunately, Not. The final color is a function of the cement color, sand color, the amount of water used as well as finishing methods. We only guarantee that our color additives will match our standard that is they will be the same from batch- to- batch and year to year.

Unique Alternative for Stamped Concrete

- Built in Fire Pitt
- Borders
- Radiant Heat
- Lights Built into Concrete

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